“Love’s Light Shall Not Be Eclipsed”
Watercolor  17″ x 13″


Candid photos truly are the best. The original selfie was taken in Charleston, SC while standing on a rooftop overlooking a Christmas parade. The weather was cool to cuddle. It was an ordinary moment, but we felt the spirit of the holiday which made it special. This image was just accepted into the 50th annual Florida Watercolor Society exhibition. Only 100 artworks were judged in. This acceptance confirms my “Signature” status as an artist and member of the Florida Watercolor Society.

Permission to Scream
In this zoom presentation, Joanna Coke demonstrates a process using painted words onto canvas to express what the artist is feeling at that moment in time. Words are continually added in multiple layers which create unexpected forms and intersections. The initial process is all emotional with no analytical editing. As the painting develops, there comes a point where the artist then decides a conscious direction to bring the composition and meaning into perspective. The final edits and modifications complete the artwork. The effort is powerful and exuberant at the same time.

“Thank you so much for sharing. Not only was it a fabulous presentation, but I also gained a better understanding of the process (I took that workshop a few years ago). As usual, your presentation was exciting to listen to, really well-organized, and easy to follow. The examples you used to show your process were phenomenal. Amazing presentation!!”
-Helen, a student of Joanna Coke