Above, the neighbor's field looking northeast to the distant hills
and Fiskum Vannet (lake) in afternoon light.
To the right, ancient door knocker on the Fiskum "New"
Church along with symbols that decorated the nave ceiling.
Mountain Ash grows plentiful in the area.
Historical cabins and markers could be found everywhere.
Norway - 2014
Joanna COKE
These images were created in August, harvest time in Norway. It was a pilgrimage
of sorts because I accompanied a dear friend for a special family gathering.  The
wheat and barley fields and apples orchards were fully ripened with glorious colors
of amber, reds and deep blue skies.
   Scroll down to view some of the highlights.   
What caught my eye of this scene was that the wash
basins were still in use.  Many cats lurked around the
corner as I walked through.  
This view to the left is from
Eva's side porch which was at
the home I stayed during my
month long visit.

The drawing of the beasty
carvings were copied from the
wooden entrance to a Stav Kirke
(a 1000 year old wooden church).