View at sunset from the Piazza Michelangelo overlook of
the Arno River, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Maria del Fiore
(Il Duomo) and Santa Croce from.

Brown ink sketches (with some watercolor) drawn at the
Loggia at the Piazza della Signoria (the heart of Florence).
The contours of the sculptures and architectural details of;
the Florentine symbol
of the "Red Iris,"one of
the "Keys to Heaven,"
a distant spire as well
as hovering angels all
could be seen while I
sat inside the loggia on
a marble bench.
Firenze - 2015
Joanna COKE
These images of Florence are from my art journals during and after I had instructed
an 8-day workshop throughout Tuscany.  Sandy Gregory, Tour Director of
CheBella Tours coordinated all the hotel, transit and food arrangements and more.
   Scroll down to view some of the highlights.
These images were created while visiting in the Boboli
Gardens at the Palazzo Pitti.  The steeply terraced gardens
had many different types of vistas, of narrow canyon-like
views hemmed in with very tall trees... and then open areas
of lawn with a single marble sculpture such as Pegasus.
Visiting other neighborhoods in the central
area of Florence, I came upon these two
buildings.  The first sketch is a noble's home
with a walled courtyard which faced the
central square of San Marco Church in

The other building is a typical example of a
Renaissance palace, Palazzo Strozzi.  It is
perfectly symmetrical in design with an
open-air atrium.  While sitting on the marble
benches in the atrium, I felt a light rain
misting on my sketch.
When visiting the Bargello Museum with all
of its famous sculptures, I fell in love with
the ceramic Della Robbia wreaths.