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SUNSETS at the Beach, 3-Day Workshop
In Acrylic, Oil, Pastel or Watercolor
Jan. 16-18, 2019
9:30 – 3:30 daily  (Lunch included)

At:  Studio at Gulf & Pine, 10101 Gulf  Drive
    Anna Maria, FL  34216
So often a sunset landscape looks too bright
overall.  Instead, they need to have muted soft
colors as well as strong bold colors to heighten
the contrast.
In this workshop you will learn:
-  How to create interesting compositions to
differentiate the sky from land and water.
-  How to mixing clean colors verses muted
colors and where to place them.
-  How to increase contrast where it counts of
light against dark shapes with value changes.
You will create two small artworks the first
days to apply the principles given and
demonstrated the in morning discussions.   
What you’ve learned on the 1st day will overlap
into the next.  On the 3rd day you will create
YOUR artwork using your photo references.
Choose your primary medium you would like to
work in.  The art supplies list will be emailed to
you upon registration of the workshop.

Class size is limited to 12 for maximum
instructional assistance.

Fee:  $315.00
The fee includes your lunch as well as morning
and afternoon snacks provided by the Sand
Bar.  Please specify if you have any specific
food needs such as vegetarian, fish, etc.

To register, contact
the gallery Wed.-Sat.
10:00 - 4:00 at
(941) 778-1906
contact me at:  cell:  (941) 726-5218
Winter,  watercolor
Watercolor Portraits – The Basics,  B-I  
at Art Center Manatee, Bradenton,  call
to register at:  941-746-2862
2 sessions available:     Dec. 6-8, 2018   or    
Feb. 22-24, 2019
9:30 – 3:30 daily   (Bring your lunch)
This 3-day workshop will focus on a
straight-on view of the face to help students
understand the many levels of creating a
portrait such as drawing, mixing skin and
hair colors, and shadowing.  On the 1st day
you will draw the basic relationships
of the facial features and how they relate
proportionally to each other and then paint
sections from the handouts provided
focusing on values.  On the 2nd day, you will
use your photo reference of the person you
wish to paint and learn how to “see” the
small changes of alignment.  You will then
paint sections from your photo reference
to learn how to mix skin and hair colors.  
On the final day, you will apply all that
you’ve learned and paint a full portrait from
your photo reference.  Light table will
be available for tracing.   Coffee, tea, and
water with snacks will be provided for
morning and afternoon breaks.

Class size is limited to 17 for maximum
instructional assistance.

Fee:  $315
Morning and afternoon drinks and snacks
are included
Autumn Skies,  watercolor